As defined by us: 
crushing (v): to take the reins of an epic moment. Often done on the slopes while grinning from ear to ear. Green, blue or double black, crushing happens across the mountain. 

About Us: 

At the surface, we are a ski pant company. 

You probably found us through a friend. Or a friend of a friend. Someone whose opinion you trust. Someone you like to meet for happy hour. Maybe someone you would travel with. She tells you about this new company. With a new ski pant. For women. Made for women. That actually look good on women. You are skeptical.  

This is where we tell you we are so much more than another ski pant company. We are you, and we simply saw a little snafu in the ski experience for women. We wanted to find a solution. A solution for you and your friend, a solution for our friends. So we found one. After countless hours of research and a lot of trial and error, our founder - Cheryl Stoever Baker - created her dream ski pant, and we must say, the end result is pretty darn great. She brought to life a ski pant that flatters, fits and is functional - and we promise it’s not too good to be true. We fought for that little truth, and we can’t wait to see you on the mountain proving it. They are warm. They are slimming. They are versatile. They are what’s been missing on the ski scene. 

Time to crush those slopes, ladies.
And look good doing it. 

About YOU:

Strong-willed, smart, witty, charming, sharp - you realize you can’t have it all, but you want to come pretty darn close. You work your tail off. And your weekends are your reprieve. Your standards are high, but you are far from high maintenance. You fill your life with friends and moments that make you realize what this little life is all about. You’ll never turn down a glass of champagne or a good run on powder. Mountain air makes your heart sing and altitude makes you forget about your to-do list for awhile. You might not be Julia Mancuso, but for a minute on that last run of the day, you totally feel like her, and you already can’t wait to snap into your skis again next weekend.

‘Go the extra mile it’s never crowded’ 

All of our pants are made in Portland, Oregon. We love America and are pumped we can produce our pants stateside!

All of our pants are made in Portland, Oregon. We love America and are pumped we can produce our pants stateside!