How do I know which size is for me?

Sto pants fit true to size, but we all know how sizing can vary. So get the specifics below on our sizing guide. If you’re still not sure shoot us an email at We’d love to help you find your perfect fit! 

A Few Notes on Fit : 

Stö Snow Pants are made of stretchy and thick fabric for warmth. While they might look like your yoga pants (and are as chic as they come), the pants job is to keep you warm and dry, so they take a little more effort to pull on than your yoga pants do. We promise it's worth it!

The bottom of the leggings are close-fitting around the ankle and calf. We did this on purpose! This is to prevent bunching in your boot, because we all know there's nothing that will ruin your ski day faster than being uncomfy in your boots. 

Once on the pants should feel snug - move around in them a bit, sit down, squat, pliè, whatever! After about 5 minutes you should feel like they are molding to your body like your favorite pair of jeans do.